Void – 2

Marching leant her a legitimacy she did not yet technically possess. And, even better, it kept her moving fast enough that she’d be gone before anyone had time to bring up inconvenient questions regarding her mutiny, or who the Lord Captain was, or how she meant to convince anyone it was her while wearing a medical coat. Her boots hit the hull with a satisfying and intimidating thomp thomp thomp.

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Drifting – 17

“Stand aside,” Sword Witch said. Her voice rose above the clamor of the marketplace like a great bell. It was not a voice for asking. It was a voice for commanding.

Everyone around us complied before they realized it. And then, in the very next moment, everyone looked around in a daze wondering why they moved; wondering where the noise of the marketplace had gone; and wondering where these three hoodlums had come from.

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Drifting – 16


It has been three days.

I am happy to report that your chronicler Gao Wenshi still lives.

Now, you may be saying: “Gao Wenshi, how can you call yourself a chronicler with such an egregious gap? Three days? The fate of the empire can shift in one day! And here you’ve left out three of them? You’re as irresponsible a biographer as you are a useless scholar and unfilial son!”

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