Drifting – 10

Inside the decor immediately puts one in mind of a dungeon. It’s packed with ruffians and darkness. Everyone in here looks like a streak of bad luck on a particularly bad day.

And there, sitting, at a communal table, is Sword Witch!

I was quite looking forward to bantering with this Zhao fellow. Alas. I must look at the bright side though. Finding her like this must have saved me at least an afternoon of trouble.

I clear my throat and speak loud enough to be heard over the clamor of wine jugs, and laughter, and boisterous conversations. “Sword Witch!”

There is nothing so silent as a room full of rowdy drinkers who have all gone quiet.

The ruffians turn icy glares toward Sword Witch. She sits there ignoring them all in favor of her wine. She heaves a weary sigh like someone has launched into a long and terrible joke she cannot bear to hear again.

A hundred murmurs ripple through the wine house but they all sound the same: “Is that her? That murderer? There’s a reward.”

Sword Witch appears to have a reputation and it has beaten us to Xichang.

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