Drifting – 18

“Calamities like what?” she said. “Stub Your Toe? Forget What You Walked In The Room For? Some Dirt In Your Eye?”

They rankled at that.

“Thunder Wu is known throughout the prefecture!” one of the swordsmen said. His weapon was a cleaver for chopping warhorses down. It wasn’t difficult to imagine it would work even better on a person.

“Lightning Mao is a wanted man in five cities!” the other swordsman said. His was a thin, curved saber for slicing open the arms of duelists.

“Tornado Hong is a name feared throughout the land,” the spearman said. The lazy twirls finally came to a rest with the spear across his shoulders.

The crowd murmured. They knew these names.

“Ah,” Sword Witch said. “Maybe one day I can join a gang with a theme. For now it’s just me and this sword.” She tapped the handle and I swear the blade nearly jumped right out of the sheath of its own accord.

Tornado Hong pointed toward me with his chin. “What about your friend there?”

“Him?” she said. “Tell you what. Kill me and he’s yours. He’ll keep you well stocked in poetry and inane questions.”

It was very kind of Sword Witch to attempt to defuse their interest in me like that.

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