Drifting – 5

“Ha,” she says. “Leave it to a scholar to think what he’s read in books is more real than deeds.”

“Every dynasty has kept copious accounts of its policies and current events so future generations may learn from them. We know nothing of events that are not passed down in histories, therefore those events may as well never happened,” I say.

“Hmm,” she says. “Well said, Gao.”

I rather agree.

“So it makes no difference whether or not I remove your head,” she says.

“Um,” I say. My throat goes quite dry.

“A hundred years from now you’ll be dead either way,” she says. “And if no one records your beheading, then it’s the same as if it never happened.”

“Well. You see. Uh.” I am stammering. I would not expect this much philosophy from a swordswoman! “Of course unrecorded deeds themselves may be fleeting, but their consequences are felt through the ages.”

“Uh-huh,” she says.

I think this means she won’t kill me.

It strikes me as an excellent time to keep the conversation to a minimum.

Perhaps I will write a letter.


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