Drifting – 2

She snaps the reins and the carriage lurches forward. It’s difficult to hang on to my books and the ink and the brush and the carriage. She must have thought I was already settled. Regardless, I manage to hang on at a cost of only a few provisions. We can find more food I’m sure. Brush and ink enough to record the grand adventures of this heroic soul? Perhaps not!

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Drifting – 3

“Are you always going to be writing?” she asks.

“I’m making a full and complete record of your adventures as they unfold!” I say. She appears unimpressed, but then these warrior types always look like that. “It’s a literary first,” I say.

“That’s terrific,” she says.

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Drifting – 4

I’ve read enough about the wulin to know their method of refusing a request three times before they will grant it. In this way both parties demonstrate their sincerity.

“I won’t slow you down,” I say.

“I’m not worried about that,” she says. “Because you’ll be staying in Xichang.”

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Drifting – 5

“Ha,” she says. “Leave it to a scholar to think what he’s read in books is more real than deeds.”

“Every dynasty has kept copious accounts of its policies and current events so future generations may learn from them. We know nothing of events that are not passed down in histories, therefore those events may as well never happened,” I say.

“Hmm,” she says. “Well said, Gao.”

I rather agree.

“So it makes no difference whether or not I remove your head,” she says.

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Drifting – 7


Sword Witch brings the carriage to a halt at the South Gate of Xichang.

“You can’t park that here!” It’s one of the town guards yelling at her from his station.

She dismounts the carriage and begins to walk away. “It’s not parked. It’s left behind.”

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Drifting – 9

I will begin my search at a wine house. The nearest one is called Bottomless Zhao’s and my first impression is that it’s about as inviting as a hotel on fire. It looks like the kind of place that does not have A Punch In The Face on the menu only because it is complimentary. This must be a jianghu bar!

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