Drifting – 16


It has been three days.

I am happy to report that your chronicler Gao Wenshi still lives.

Now, you may be saying: “Gao Wenshi, how can you call yourself a chronicler with such an egregious gap? Three days? The fate of the empire can shift in one day! And here you’ve left out three of them? You’re as irresponsible a biographer as you are a useless scholar and unfilial son!”

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Drifting – 17

“Stand aside,” Sword Witch said. Her voice rose above the clamor of the marketplace like a great bell. It was not a voice for asking. It was a voice for commanding.

Everyone around us complied before they realized it. And then, in the very next moment, everyone looked around in a daze wondering why they moved; wondering where the noise of the marketplace had gone; and wondering where these three hoodlums had come from.

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